Worship songwriter

Former BBC Journalist Rob Westall is focused these days on broadcasting the Good news of the Gospel through his music.

His debut album ‘Born to Worship’ features “anthem, uplifting, catchy contemporary” worship songs, “that helps worshippers of all generations express their hearts to the Almighty.”

The prolific song-writer is head of worship at Gateway Church in South Wales where his big sounding, upbeat anthems are regularly sung, along with other churches, events, venues and Christian Festivals where Rob and his band have played including Creation Fest.

Songs inspired by God which help His people express their hearts back to Him!

Rob has three beautiful children Isabella, Benjamin and Mattias with his wife Anna.

Music and lyrics have always been an important part of Rob's life. He has sang professionally all over the UK as a solo artist and as part of several bands and worked for almost a decade as a BBC journalist and broadcaster. 

An intense spiritual encounter led Rob back to the heart of worship and he has been prolifically writing worship songs ever since.

"I see worship songs as tools which help people to express themselves and their heart to God," said Rob.

"Ultimately, the Almighty is after our hearts." 

Songwriting as a spiritual discipline

"I have a simple but respectful approach to songwriting," said Rob.

"I treat it as a spiritual discipline. I seek God, spend time in His presence and listen.

"It's amazing what songs come out from those times and looking back at the tunes He's blessed me with in the past 18 months, I'm just blown away by how they all knit together. 

"I feel honoured that God is using me in some small way to write songs which have blessed so many people already. I hope they get to those people who need to hear them the most."

Available to serve and sing for you and your gathering

Rob is available to serve you and your church for conferences and meetings of various styles and sizes.

If you have any questions please call 07712 557 320 or Click the button below for more information.